Project contributors - Thanks

Project contributors
-Software : University of Patra – Polytechnic school. Department of Computer Engineering and Information Technology.
 Professor – Ioannis Garoufalakis – President of the department. Professors: Georgios Alexiou, Georgios Pavlides.
 Study – application of software: Student Georgios Mamoulasvili.
-Logo: Loukia Katzouraki. Message: Gogo Dimitriadou. Artistic editing, posters: Despina Samourkasoglou.
-Making of the video: Music by Vangelis
  Scenario: Christina Adamopoulou, Director: Dimitris Tsilifonis, Producer: Michalis Kaliakatsos – Blue Wave.
 The children who took part: Athena Iatridi, Andreas Alexiou, Valia Philippidi, Dimitris Xiromammos, Electra Tzeveleki, Electra Fineti, Ioannis Cholevas, Eirini Mavrigiannaki, Elli Spiropoulou, Kassiani Tsari, Katerina Sotiraki, Maria Argiri, Maria Linardatou, Marilia Markidi, Maritina  Michalopoulou, Nefeli Tzeveleki, Nikolas Nomikos, Orfeas Tzevelekis, Fay Vlami, Philippos Grivas, Foivi Scoutari, Christos Manetas, Christos Tsakos.
-Authorization for the use of photographic and cinematic archives of monuments and sculptures: Acropolis Museum.© Acropolis Museum, photo: Nikos Daniilidis.
-Authorization for the use of roads: Municipality of Athens.
-Authorization for the use of the archaeological site, Pnyx.: Ancient Antiquities of Athens.
-Album “Our sculptures have their homeland” Preview licence: Parents association of the 70th Primary School in Athens.
-Text corrections: Christina Adamopoulou, Stella Katsarou Tzeveleki. Secretarial support: Maria Zarokosta.
Translations: Arabic, Niovi Vafiadou, Chinese, Natalia Dimitriou,  English, Amanda Saxby, French , Dafni Mavromati, Tatianna Poulou, German: Eberhard Kern​,Tanja Zavecz,  Italian, Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Atene,Portuguese: Embaixada de Portugal em Atenas , Russian: Centro de Ciência e Cultura da Rússia em Atenas, Natalia Eremenko, Halina Hrynko. Spanish, Ines Rivero
-Cover of inelastic expenditure: Anonymous sponsor.
-Project operator: Acrokyttaro – Cell Culture. Cultural Association for Parents and Graduates of the 70th Primary School of Athens in the Acropolis area.
-Idea and project co-ordination: Spyros Thoma Tzevelekis
We, the members of the Cultural Association Acrokyttaro (, would like to express our heart-felt gratitude to all of you who selflessly contributed with your music, your ideas, your knowledge, your creative work, the licenses for infinite use of various sites, archives and albums, your translations, your financial support and for your moral support and encouraging words, so that we may realize our cultural vision which is summed up in the message:
Let’s get together to put it back together!
Acrokyttaro. Cell of Culture.